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What Is Coaching?

Help Your People See Clearly How You Define Coaching and How It Can Improve Their Lives!

Are you interested in sharing what coaching is with your people? Here is a page you can customize to do just that!

These types of foundational pages are often helpful in building a strong search engine presence.  Make sure your content is substantial and unique.  Search engines love unique and long content, well-organized with informative graphics as well. If you have an infographic, you could include this on your page as well. In essence, coaching is a relationship between a coach and a coachee that:

  • Helps a person change in the way they wish and enables them to go in the direction they want to go.
  • Supports a person at every level in becoming who they seem themselves as and who they want to be.
  • Builds awareness to empower personal choice and those choices that can lead to life-affirming changes.

Coaching can help unlock a person’s potential to enhance their life and maximize their performance. Coaching is a facilitative modality, helping people learn utilizing the power inherent in their own creativity rather than teaching, consulting or mentoring, where the power resides more with the person engaged to provide the service.

What’s The Difference Between Coaching and:

Counseling:  Write your own unique definition of counseling and add it here.  Counseling is a mode of interaction where a counselor works with a client who is experiencing dissatisfaction or distress regarding some aspects (or many aspects) of their lives.  Clients have an expectation to receive guidance and advice in order to help resolve and work through the issue they bring to a counseling session.  Counseling often stems from a client’s frustrations in order to help bring understanding and awareness to the present and future.

Mentoring:  Write your own unique definition of mentoring and add it here.  You can start with the dictionary definition of course and expand on that.  Mentoring is when someone in a more senior position than you currently occupy, with more experience and knowledge, provides guidance to you in order to help you reach your career and personal goals. A mentor is often possesses a significant amount of experience in the client’s line of work. Both mentoring and coaching are concerned mainly with a focus in the present and the future.

Therapy:  Write your own unique definition of counseling and add it here.  What we call therapy involves a trained individual working with a client who is seeking help and relief from primarily psychological or physical symptoms.  A client’s motive for entering therapy or counseling is usually to alleviate emotional pain or discomfort, rather than moving towards desired goals. As modalities, therapy and counseling are significantly more likely to involve understanding and working through past experiences than coaching.

Training:  Write your own unique definition of training and add it here.  Training is the process of obtaining knowledge, skills or abilities through study, experience or teaching. A trainer by definition is who is looked to as the expert conveying the right information in order to help the client gain the desired skills. A training course is generally focused on delivering specific skills for supporting immediate results. Training is typically one to many rather than one to one, in order to maximize output.

Consulting:  Write your own unique definition of consulting and add it here.  A consultant is generally very experienced and knowledgeable in the desired field of work or study.  Consultants provide expertise in order to help solve specific business problems, and can often help foster business growth. A consultant often examines the overall organization (or specific parts of it) but not typically the individuals within it. Consultants only indirectly affect individuals.

Teaching:  Write your own unique definition of teaching and add it here.  Teaching passes knowledge from teacher to student. The teacher knows something the student does not. A teacher, in order to facilitate the goals of teaching, can sometimes use techniques of coaching, training and consulting in their repertoire.  However, the opposite is true in coaching. The client is the expert and the client has the answers, not the coach.

The Coaching Process

During Your Coaching Sessions, You Are In Charge Of The Exploration, And Your Coach Will Be:


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What Coaching Is:

Coaching is a generative process that allows you to look at your present life situation, decide what changes you’d like to make, set goals based on where you are currently and where you’d like to be and set up a process that helps you achieve those goals and know when you’ve reached them.

What Coaching Is Not:

Coaching is not an extensive process where you look at the past to try to figure yourself out.  Coaching makes the assumption that although understanding the past can be helpful, it is not necessary in order to help facilitate changes in the present. Working through significant emotional issues is often better situated within the realm of therapy or counseling.

Ready To Start A Coaching Journey To Help You Reach Your Goals?

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