The Coaching Process

What’s In A Coaching Session?

During Your Coaching Sessions, You Are In Charge Of The Exploration, And Your Coach Will Be:


Here you share a short message on each of the coaching stages that you’ve set up to the left.  You can share anything from a definition to a more personal reflection on what each stage means in your coaching time with each client. Be consistent in paragraph size to help this look good.


You can add or delete a section as needed.  And, if you follow a specific process, the modules to left are text modules so the words can readily be edited and updated to reflect your requirements.  You can also change the text color if you want to emphasize them.


Take your time and write something that helps your client feel comfortable with the coaching process, espcieally helpful when you are working with a new client who does not know what to expect.  You can always direct them to read this page before you get started coaching together.


It’s quite useful to include some keyword phrases here too; you’re adding text to the page so make it work for you.  This can help your web page rank in search engine results.  If you’re not sure what keywords to use, you can use a keyword tool to help you see what folks are specifically searching for.

Short Soft Close Here Connected To The Outline Above

What Coaching Is:

This module is similar to the previous “About Coaching” module, but instead of a background image, we are featuring a stock photography image that helpfully is relevant to our website topic.

What Coaching Is Not:

You can find an abundance of images on stock sites, but use them sparingly lest your site look a bit too corporate cookie-cutter. Find images that reinforce what you’re trying to communicate without taking over from the primary focus and purpose of the page.

Coaching, From Start To Finish

Initiating The Coaching Relationship

The best amount of content in this area (working on a 1920px wide resolution) is about 3 lines of text.  You have a lot of text that you can feature on this page, so again, focus on 2 or 3 keyword phrases and use them 2 or 3 times each for best impact.

Working Through Your Coaching Sessions

Using keyword phrases can be tricky.  You need to deploy them in a way that’s natural and fits the flow of everything else on the page.  Don’t get sloppy – use keyword phrases that are actually meaningful to the page topic.  Search engines are programmed to detect unnatural usage.

Closing Your Coaching Relationship

Go through a step by step flow of the overall coaching arc.  Clients begin and once their goals are attained, or desired progress made, move forward.  This is a natural process so don’t make it seem like coaching relationships last indeterminately.

Ready To Start Your Journey?