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  • Reach Your People With These Bullet Points
  • 3 Pain Points Here That Act As An “Issues” Summary
  • Encourage Your People With The Confidence They Are Not Alone
  • Discover The Theme That Changed EVERYTHING

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What You Will Learn Inside This Ebook

Make an emotional connection with your people using a headline and sub-headline!

Secret Benefit #1

Write a short amount of text that emotionally expands on three pain points that extend out from the headline.  Keep the amount of words approximately the same for each blurb, and about 5-7 lines.

Secret Benefit #2

It’s important that the written text here emphasizes the discomfort for the person you are trying to reach with your message. It’s all about THEM, and not about YOU. What makes you special is best placed elsewhere.

Secret Benefit #3

The images in this section should be a general reflection of the target audience you are trying to reach.  Your people should be able to recognize themselves here (or where they want to be) in some connected way.