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When you have lots of testimonials at your disposal, share and help your people see themselves here

In order to help with being found in search engines, you can add some body content here in order to introduce the page and help you be found for the keyworkds of your choice.  Since this is a coaching testimonials page, you will feature text-based and / or video content of your clients in their coaching experience. You can add more body text here or down the page as needed to expand on your searchable content.

This is a page dedicated for showcasing feedback your clients have shared with you in order to help you connect with prospective clients.  It can be a wonderful tool to help you provide social proof of what you offer.  Testimonial pages can also help you connect with your “ideal client” who will potentially recognize themselves in what they find here.

Jamie Myclient

Customer Service Guru

It is important to ask your clients for permission to share their words on a page like this, especially if you haven’t made it clear that you would like to use what they’ve said in the past in order to market yourself. If you have already collected written feedback without photos, a good way to circle back is to ask them for a photo and permission to showcase them here.

Mackenzie Myclient

Awesome Parent

In this section, we can make the testimonials as long or as short as we wish. On the home page, we keep them shorter in order to help keep that page from being overly long. However, since this is a specific page, if you have a client who has chosen to view this page, they are looking for lengthier shares and social confirmation in order to make up their minds about reaching out to you. Offer as much here as you can to help facilitate the choice!

Bobbie Myclient

When you ask your clients for testimonials, be sure to ask them for a photo too, as testimonials with photos make a far greater connection with your people than testimonials having no photo at all.

Taylor Myclient

My Company Name

When you ask your clients for testimonials, be sure to ask them for a photo too, as testimonials with photos make a more powerful connection with your people than ones with little stock photos like this.

Mylie Myclient

Great Company

Varying the lengths of the testimonials keeps it interesting, but try not to add anything here over 200 words.

Taylor Myclient

Interesting Job Title

Each testimonial animates and comes into view as we travel down the page, and that is a great “cool factor” when it comes to looking like you have a lot of experience and happy clientele. If you want to turn the animation off, check out the training videos that accompany this template!

Clare Myclient

If you don’t have any images for some of your testimonials, don’t worry!  You can always display the testimonial without an image, or you can use small icons like the one in this picture to represent a person.  What often happens is that some people will have a photo, and some won’t provide or want you using one.

Clare Myclient

Brand Manager

How do you get testimonials?  Ask!  You  can ask previous clients to share a short testimonial about their experiences with you and how that impacted their lives, or if you’re a new coach, you can offer a coaching session in exchange for testimonials.

Harper Myclient

Short Soft Close Here Connected To The Benefits Above

If you have a testimonial or two that you want to showcase, you can use a row like this to ensure that the testimonial has prominence. A contrasting background color also helps one or two testimonials to stand apart and make a bolder statement that will grab the attention of your tribe. These ones can be longer, with a headline or an image above reflecting the major message of the testimonial.  Yes, you are an awesome coach!  Help your clients find you by sharing your stories!

Major Myclient

Product Manager, Awesome Corp LLC

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A form that your clients can use to share more great experiences and feedback!

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