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You’ll make an emotional connection to your people with this headline and sub-headline

Set Goals And Reach Them

Write a short amount of text that emotionally expands on the headline pain points.  Keep the amount of words approximately the same for each blurb.

Work Smarter Not Harder

It’s important that the written text here emphasizes the pain points for the person you are trying to reach with your message. Help them feel like you understand their situation.

Bring Joy To Your Clients

The images in this section should be a general reflection of the target audience you are trying to reach.  Your people should be able to recognize their emotional state here.

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About Your Presenter

Jane Yournamehere – Your Lifestyle Coach and Mentor

You can write a nice little section here and complement it with a video to the right or another larger size image.  There are a few different strategies on how to make a connection with your audience in this type of lead-in page.

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If you have a testimonial or two that you want to showcase, you can use a row like this to ensure that the testimonial has prominence. A contrasting background color also helps one or two testimonials to stand apart and make a bolder statement that will grab the attention of your tribe. These ones can be longer, with a headline or an image above reflecting the major message of the testimonial.  Yes, you are an awesome coach!  Help your clients find you by sharing your stories!

Major Myclient

Product Manager, Awesome Corp LLC

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